Thirty Two Add-On Service Ideas for Non-Spa Massage Therapists

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(This post is inspired by a question asked over on the Massage Nerd Group on Facebook today. If you aren’t a member, yet, come join in on the discussion! 1,838 minds are better than 1.)

Here is a list of ideas, in no particular order:

1) A scalp massage add-on. You can do this dry, or with your lubricant if it is good quality. Some people hate stuff in their hair so of course be sure to ask first. A little goes a long way. If you feel like you want to add something a little extra or different, you can use a shampoo brush or scalp massaging instrument along with your hands and fingers. They even make battery operated scalp massagers…which I haven’t tried yet but want to. I’m not sure if they would work well for clients in a service but might make a good product offering for self care.

2-5) Reflexology add-ons. If you are trained in reflexology you can offer it on the feet, hands, ears, and face.  It can be incredibly relaxing and doesn’t involve any additional product or set up.

6) Abdominal Massage add on. You can use or combine different modalities, or receive training specific to this area, such as Maya Abdominal Massage. 

7) Facial Massage. You can do this dry or with your lubricant if it is very gentle and of high quality. I prefer to use jojoba, virgin coconut or safflower oil on the face. A little goes a long way. There are lots of CEUs and instructional videos on this subject.

8) Acupressure.

9) Reiki.

10) Cupping

11) Facial Cupping

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